VP & Green Engineering

The founding of VP & Green is the culmination of more than 10 years of close collaboration between engineer Nicholas Green, Denis Valode and Jean Pistre. Together they developed the idea that architecture and engineering contribute together, in a “fusional” way, to the development of projects.
The engineer’s creativity reinforces the architectural concept and its esthetic, while architectural invention stimulates technical innovation.
VP & Green engineering, which offers both structural and façade services, conceives its work as part of a global approach to building. All components – technical, architectural, functional and environmental – are interactively connected.
Nicholas Green’s British culture and the experience he has acquired working with the greatest architects give VP & Green Engineering the capability to achieve technical and esthetic quality in all the work they do, down to the smallest details, with a high level of precision.
Their mastery of calculation software and highly developed simulation systems allows them to reach that high level of exigency.
VP & Green Engineering has participated in major projects such as the T1 Tower at La Défense andin projects with demanding clients like Air France, Cap Gemini and Paris Expo. The firm also works with renowned architects like, Renzo Piano, Dominique Perrault, Jean Nouvel and David Chipperfield