The Mohammed VI Exhibition Park was inaugurated on 12 November 2015 in El Jadida.

 Within the framework of the promotion of and the support for the Moroccan equine sector, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has decided to establish an Exhibition Park in the municipality of El Jadida.
The project, which was conceived by Valode & Pistre, consists in a linear and coherent grouping of modules constituted by exhibition pavilions, whose presence is made stronger by an avenue connecting the different units. This structure allows to rationalise the organisation of fairs and shows by means of an approach that is evolutionary and flexible. 
Each Exhibition Pavilion is hence treated as an autonomous unit. The whole area will be covered by roofing that will protect the Pavilions like a blanket and provide overall uniformity. 

The pedestrian concourse for accessing the Pavilions is protected from the sun by a “Pergola” reminiscent of a Moroccan souq environment. 


A long wall whose design draws inspiration, at the same time, from the familiar architecture of Moroccan casbahs, the patterns of oriel windows, or the geometrical designs of the Moroccan tiles patterns (“the testirs”) is at the main entry to the site. Made of two metallic nets one metre apart and juxtaposed with a 45° offset, this wall design produces a unique kinetic effect that varies depending on the position from which one looks at the wall.
The geometrical shapes that are thus created are a contemporary version of traditional Moroccan motifs. The pattern of the entry wall net is also chiselled on the posts holding the pergola as a reference to the “tagguebast” sculpted plaster technique, as well as on the ornamental features of the north façade of the exhibition rooms. This original and identifiable motif will be visible both from the outside of the rooms and, in reverse, from their interior. 
Marking continuity with Moroccan public spaces and parks, the exterior areas of the Exhibition Park will have several plants: palm trees, orange trees, cypresses, olive trees, as well as bougainvillea…

Graphic and signage design: BoxWood