French Living Environment Prize LILO Shopping Centre


Trophée du Cadre de Vie

Judges of France's living environment awards, Trophées du Cadre de Vie, named the LILO Shopping Centre in Epinay-sur-Seine winner of the 2013 Grand Prix. The awards ceremony took place on Monday 14 October at Paris's architectural museum, Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine. “LILO: commerce working for urban regeneration – creation of a new shopping centre as part of Epinay-sur-Seine's town centre redevelopment scheme, was launched by the town in 2006 with the assistance of France's National Agency for Urban Renovation (ANRU). This new development, featuring a new Auchan hypermarket and 50 shops, makes commerce the life force of the town centre and the point of departure for regeneration, through a design that is completely integrated with its surroundings.”


Today in a state of urban decay, the Epinay-sur-Seine town center is the target of a profound urban renovation program. The reconstruction of the existing shopping center is an opportunity to make it the primary retail heart of the city. The new project segments the shopping center into three clearly defined city blocks and creates two open streets that intersect at a central square. The streets are covered and shaded by a forest of allegorical trees, a memorable and playful image. The trees emerging from the center are the shopping center’s emblem and illustrate the project’s environmental ambitions.
Opening November 2013.