Urban Design

Denis Valode and Jean Pistre developed a coordinated approach where urban planning is conceived of in its architectural aspects, the landscape as a link between nature and the city and as the vector of an environmental approach, and urban furniture as the medium of the quality of life of the inhabitants.
Valode & Pistre has developed specific working methods based on a system of comparative cartography which gives graphic expression to the complexity of the issues affecting the city and serves as the basis for the indispensable dialogue with users and decision-makers.
Systematic use of 3D simulations and models reinforces the process of communication and of visualizing of the architecture.
Working on projects such as the long-term urban development strategy of Vitry-sur-Seine, the re-urbanization of large architectural ensembles dating from the 1960s in Caen, the design of a new city with 350,000 inhabitants in the Urals, the re-development of a historic town center covering 1,200 hectares near the Black Sea, and the reconstruction of an urban area at the meeting point of the Great Wall of China and a river in the northern part of that country, the urban design teams offer international expertise and the ability to carry out consulting missions that can embrace coordination of studies on transport, traffic, energy, water, and waste treatment, always seen through the lens of environmental quality.