Inauguration of the Beaugrenelle Shopping Centre


Inauguration of BEAUGRENELLE

The Beaugrenelle Shopping Centre was officially opened on 20 October 2013. With a surface area of 60,000 m2, Beaugrenelle houses cinemas, restaurants, small and medium-sized retailers, boutiques and street-level shops, the result of a considered approach to urban design, commercial architecture and the environment.


The expansion and restructuring of Beaugrenelle Shopping Centre make it representative of a new generation of shopping and leisure complexes located in city centres. The unique silk-screened glass used on the façade and the simplicity and fluidity of the structures give the complex an unmistakeable identity. Beyond the shops located at street level, the outlets are accessed via two atriums, spanning two city blocks. Located on the Left Bank beside the Pont de Grenelle, the two atriums form a symbolic gateway to the 15th arrondissement, and make a significant contribution to Paris’s urban design.