Exposition Europa City at "la Maison de l'architecture"


Exposition Europa City at "la Maison de l'architecture"

From September 20th to October 27th, 2012, Europa City, an ambitious project incorporating retail, entertainment, and cultural programs, will unveil to the public for the first time at the Maison de l’architecture, the work of the architectural teams participating in the international consultation launched as a device of reflection on the project. Europa City, new dynamic activities pole of the northeastern greater Paris region, will be a hub of creativity, a mixed use project integrated within the Triangle de Gonesse urban plan as developed by L’Etablissement Public d’Amangement de la Plaine de France.  It will offer an innovative synergy between business, cultural, hotel, and entertainment components.


The project, is neither building nor city, but rather a capable system that skillfully masters the programs ambitious scope and diversity of scales. An enormous abstract square placed on the site, anchored to the train station, beneath which flows the natural river landscape.  The ever changing nature of the sky…this is the directing theme of the project. The roof, an abstract cloud, incorporating the latest environmental technologies, hovers over the site, tracing unexpected geometries within the square organizational geometry.  Playing with the infinite luminescent atmospheres, varying seasons, and ever changing landscapes, the roof frames the views upwards to the sky and outwards to the close and distant landscapes. An organizational matrix, posed like a movie set, which assures the skillful overlapping of shopping, recreation, and culture components, infused with a European thematic, flowing along a river promenade. A composition generously opened to the landscape and views to Paris, permeable to the adjacent urban tissue and in plain dialogue with the future neighborhood to be developed around it. Project team : Valode & Pistre Architectes, Michel Desvignes Egis, IOSIS.