ABC Autonomous Building Concept Conference



Developed jointly by Valode & Pistre and the Research and Development department of Bouygues Construction, ABC “Autonomous Building Concept” aims to develop an urban dwelling with 3 main objectives:
- Autonomy in terms of energy resources, water supply, waste management and sanitation.
- Advanced standardisation in order to greatly reduce construction deadlines.
- A friendly way of living that encourages social interaction.

The "green propertY revolution" CONFeRENCE

Denis Valode presents the ABC concept at “The Green Property Revolution” conference, organised by the 2012 graduates of the Specialised Masters Degree in Property, Building and Energy at the École des Ponts ParisTech as part of the “France GBC Green Building Week”:

“The Green Property Revolution” conference
19 September 2012
 at the CSTB