Founding partners introduction

FOUNDING Partners introduction

VALODE et PISTRE Architectes seeks to create an environment where each individual can exercise his or her profession and develop a career. For the individual, it’s an opportunity to invest oneself, to demonstrate one’s competence and creativity. For the office, it’s a commitment to provide conditions allowing:
- The creation of specific work teams for each project
- An original approach for every project
- Multidisciplinary design
- Established working methods and procedures
- A fully developed IT / 3D Imaging system
- A quality workspace
- Professional and harmonious working relationships.

Denis VALODE and Jean PISTRE


Candidatures should be sent directly to the human resources manager in the form of a CV. Selected candidates are invited to deposit their book and their personal reference file. After their dossier has been examined an interview is arranged with the recruiting director.
The successful applicants are invited to a visit of the office and to participate in a day long architectural exercise on a universal theme which allows a more accurate evaluation of their skill and talent. At the conclusion of this procedure a proposition of contract for recruitment is made to the candidates who have been definitively selected