Our work consists initially of an in-depth reflexion on the natural and human context. Following this analysis a unique project develops.
Our projects attempt to find that singular echo, carrying symbolism and poetry, which exceeds the simple requirement of logic and program.
Initially attached to research on housing and more particularly on the industrialized habitat, we rapidly widened our field to include the world of work and industry as well as cultural equipment with founder

achievements such as the L’Oréal factory in Aulnay, Techno centre Renault in Guyancourt, or the Lainé Warehouses in Bordeaux. Each of these operations was the occasion to develop our multidisciplinary approach leading to coherence between engineering, economics, art and the landscaping.
We defend the idea of a broad based practice able to cover a wide range of subjects and to decline all the scales, from an apartment building to a tower or the district of a city, from new build to rehabilitation.

The opening up of the world makes it possible for the office to spread not only in France but in other parts of the world, where other stakes, other problems nourish our work and allow us to qualify, better still, our architecture.
Our signature is that of a complicity and an appropriation common to all the participants, including the building user. Imagination, pleasure, and the permanence of the project. Principle of harmony.